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Reading and analyzing other people’s writing is one way for students to improve their own writing. In the beginning, it can be helpful to guide the analysis. As they gain experience analyzing other people’s work, they will become increasingly capable and eventually independent.

The attached presentation is a simple paragraph written by a student in the fourth week of the semester. Some semesters I attach the presentation to Blackboard, and ask my students review it as part of their homework. Other semesters we analyze it in class. In this case, I write the aspects of spatial order paragraphs that we have studied and that are found in this paragraph on the board.

  • topic sentence
  • detail
  • concluding sentence
  • background information
  • article (a/an/the)
  • there + be (to introduce something)
  • a signal word or phrase
  • punctuation after a dependent clause
  • a starting point

Students sit with partners and talk together about each highlighted section of the paragraph. After the pairs talk, we review what the pairs have discussed.

An Analysis of a Spatial Order Paragraph — My New Kitchen

A simple alternative to using PowerPoint would be to give the students the paragraph on a piece of paper and ask them to find the aspects of spatial order in the paragraph. The advantage of doing the activity this way is that the students are able to see the entire paragraph at one time. The PowerPoint slides present the paragraph in halves.

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