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A few months ago I started a nonlinear PowerPoint presentation on the parts of speech. After a lot of consideration, I decided to stick with the traditional eight parts of speech. I realize that this categorization is not without its disadvantages, but I felt that using the traditional eight would be most efficient for my students. This presentation, however, has turned into a bigger project than I had imagined, and as a result I have decided to post it in small bits. This first post is the one on the noun. It covers count nouns, noncount nouns, infinitives as nouns, and gerunds. The level targets the particular students that I teach. They are at the intermediate level. And here it is…



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I use PowerPoint a lot in my classes. All of my students are second language learners, and some of them have more difficulty picking up meaning from the spoken word than others. Because of this, I like to put key words on the screen in the classroom when I talk. Until last year, this was the only way that I used PowerPoint, but recently I learned how to make non-linear, interactive presentations, and they can be pretty cool! With PowerPoint you can make activities, games, and quizzes that are teacher fronted or student driven. The class can work together on an activity, or it can be self-paced. If you use Blackboard or have a website, students can also use these presentations to study at home.

One unit in my beginning writing class is on writing paragraphs of opinion. One difficulty that my students have is differentiating between fact and opinion. To work on this point, I made a non-linear PowerPoint presentation that combines comprehension checks and teaching. As the students work through the material, they take notes on what makes a statement a fact and what makes a statement an opinion. To see this activity, go to Fact or Opinion.fact-or-opinion  To learn how to make this type of presentation, follow the link to the  the presentation I recently made for a workshop that I facilitated: Interactive, Non-linear PowerPoint Presentations. Have fun!

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