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Recently we reviewed adjectives and adverbs in my intermediate grammar class. As a wrap-up we played a modified Jeopardy game. By modified, I mean that it doesn’t follow the traditional question-answer format of Jeopardy. It simply asks questions (instead of asking for a question). The students had a lot of fun. They were really competitive! The link to the game is: http://jeopardylabs.com/play/grammar-review-esl-adjectives-and-adverbs.

I just wish it were a little more difficult. The third category where they simply had to change the adjective to an adverb was not challenging at all. Before I use it again, I will look for ways to make it trickier. That should make it even more fun.

If you would like to make a Jeopardy game of your own, it’s easy to do at http://jeopardylabs.com/.


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