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A few weeks ago one of my colleagues mentioned a really cool presentation that she had seen that was made with Prezi. I checked it out and started to think of some ways that I could use Prezi for my courses. I thought it might be useful to help writing students understand how text is organized. Here is my first Prezi. It is a paragraph that I wrote about an experience that I had in Japan. I hope this Prezi will help my writing students begin to understand how paragraphs of time order are organized.

A Time Order Paragraph

The link is http://prezi.com/fgljq9y81_-k/


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Here are more portable flashcards. This time they are for working on prepositions of time. We are using these in my writing class in the context of working on paragraphs that use time order. They are available in two formats. One is for students who would like to view them on their mobile devices and the other is for students who would like to view them on computer monitors.

Cards for iPods or Mobile Devices with Photo Browsing Capability

I put this message on my Blackboard site: If you have an iPod or a mobile phone that allows you to browse photos, you can put these flashcards on your mobile device. Simply save this zipped folder. Then put the cards on your iPod or mobile phone the same way that you put photos on these devices. Then, you can review these prepositions anywhere that you go!

Flashcards for Mobile Devices

Cards on Slideshare

I put this message on my Blackboard site: If you don’t have an iPod or a mobile phone that allows you to browse photos, you can view the same flashcards as above at this internet site. Just click on this link to see the cards.




Today during the break in my writing class, one of my students asked me to remind her how to put the flashcards  on her iPod. That made me very happy!

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Next week in my writing class we are going to work on time order. Last week, one of the teaching points was prepositions of time. Students worked on a handout I made for them and on their own, outside of class, they did some online extercises that cover prepositions of time. The exercises that I made available to them were:

At-On-In Used in Time and Dates



Since and For

Other resources were on The Present Tense  (Simple Present and Present Progressive), time expressions, time order signal words, and the Simple Past Tense (particularly irregular verbs).

For a practice paragraph we use a video from YouTube on The Free Hugs Campaign. Before viewing, students get into pairs and we go over just a few vocabulary words.

I have used this activity in the past and it really works well. It’s collaborative since the pairs write a paragraph together and I encourage them to talk about each sentence before writing it. The content of the video is lovely and, other than the music, the video has no language so the students have a good opportunity to access the language they and their partners know.

Here are a few questions I ask my students to talk about between watching the video and writing.

  • Describe the man with the sign.
  • At first, how did people respond to the man with the “Free Hugs” sign?
  • What event or turning point caused the free hugs to begin to happen?
  • What did the police do?
  • After the police tried to stop the campaign, what did the people do?
  • How many signatures did they get?
  • What happened in the end?
  • What was the main point of the video?

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