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In writing class my students work on writing paragraphs, and within that context they develop their sentence writing skills. Attached to this post is a very short presentation that gives students practice writing sentences that use the imperative. It also reviews some prepositions that are used when giving instructions on how to cook something. To use it, I suggest that you

  1. Show the picture and the words that are used as prompts.
  2. Ask the students to write the sentence.
  3. Ask the class to show their sentences to their partners or the people sitting near them.
  4. Show them the sentence with a blank where the preposition should be and ask them what they think the preposition is.
  5. Show them the sentence.

Note – It is always put in and add to.

Prepositions for Cooking / Writing Sentences That Use the Imperative

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The professional organization for TESOL Illinois just published the latest version of the newsletter. The link is

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My students enjoy stories. And I love to tell them. One of the stories that I use in my writing class has several purposes. It allows my students to get to know me a bit better. In a light hearted way,  it addresses a common issue faced by people who live crossculturally. It offers a chance to be freely curious, take a chance, and guess at an answer. And (now to the serious part) it is an opportunity for second language learners who are studying how to write paragraphs of contrast (not an easy task) a chance to practice at the sentence level.

I have taken a story that I have told for a while now and spruced it up with a little technology. I use this story, along with a few others as a meaningful way for my students to practice writing sentences before writing a pragraph. Here it is:

It would be wonderful if we could share some of the stories that we all use in our classrooms. If you have one, please tell it to us here as a comment.

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