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This little presentation allows students to categorize the uses of the simple present tense. It also demonstrates how movement in PowerPoint can be used to allow students to actively categorize. To add movement to PowerPoint, use animation.

Categorize the Uses of the Simple Present Tense


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UsesSimplePresentTenseThe simple present tense isn’t really all that simple and it is used a lot in college courses. It is used for facts and facts are found in all types of courses. It is also used for regular occurrences such as cultural customs and would, therefore, occur regularly 🙂  in an anthropology course. In addition to these two uses, it is used to write about origin and with nonaction verbs.

Understanding these uses is especially important when students are writing and trying to decide what type pf present tense to use, the simple present or the present continuous. One way to help students understand the uses of the simple present tense is to ask them to categorize example sentences according to their uses. A Categorization of the Uses of the Simple Present Tense  is a  PowerPoint Presentation which uses movement to show categorization. 

There are two ways that you could use it. Use it as it is. Sentences pop up and the class (in pairs) decides which use each example sentence fits under. You could also remove the column headings, ask the students to categorize the sentences and then have them come up with the category headings.

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