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I wrote this post back in 2008 and I have been using the link to this filamentality for a grammar assignment for a couple of years. On Thursday the link was working fine, but today one of my students alerted me to the fact that the link is not working. I checked the AT&T site and, sure enough, my beautiful hotlist is no longer there. I am also no longer able to login. There was a notice on that site that funding had changed and some documents were removed. Because my students are working on this assignment this week, I made a simple Word document with the links. This will work until I can make something a bit jazzier. In any case, I can no longer recommend that you use this site by AT&T. For me, it is interesting that two years ago I was dependent on this Filamentality site, but now I am able to give my students access to the same information without it. I feel a sense of independence. 🙂

OK, I know that “Filamentality” is a really funny sounding word. The meaning has something to do with the combination of your mentality with the filaments of the web. That sounds a little scary, but don’t worry. The Filamentality site is a very “not scary” place where teachers can create web based activites quite easily. You don’t even have to have a web site to use a filamentality. It’s easy to use and the site gives lots of ideas.

I use one myself in a beginning grammar class. It’s not actually a class for beginners. It’s for students who would like to study in college, but need to work on their English skills first. One thing that we do early on is work on forming yes/no questions and wh-questions. One of the challenges that my students face is deciding when to use the be verb and when to use what I’ve come to call all other verbs. Since almost all of my students are fairly new to the Chicago area, I thought I would combine learning about the great city of Chicago with the very useful, but less exciting activity of writing questions and answers for grammar class. If you would like to see the Filamentality that I use for this, click on Questions. The instructions for the assignment are at the top of the hotlist I put together. To create your own site, go to the Filamentality link above.


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