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OK. I’ve been working very hard lately and haven’t had much time for fun, so I think I deserve to transform myself into a little, green, Japanese speaking fish. This fish is a Voki that I made myself. Since WordPress doesn’t support javascript because of security issues, I couldn’t embed my fish here, but if you would like to see it, simply click on the fish. You can make your own talking avatar at Voki.com.

Now, how can a voki be used for language education? The only way that I have used them so far is as reminders for something that I want to be sure my students don’t miss. How could anyone not remember what a green fish or a pink koala has said? One of my colleagues thought they might be useful for very brief summaries since you have a  limited amount of space within which to speak. It also might be fun to use them if you are working on adjective work order. For example:

Adjective Word Order

Opinion intelligent
Size little
Color green
Nationality Japanese speaking …fish

I am an intelligent, little, green, Japanese speaking fish.

(In English the fish said, “Good morning. I’m Patricia. Today I’m a fish. It’s fun. The tulips are beautiful. Have a good day.”)


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