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Here are more portable flashcards. This time they are for working on prepositions of time. We are using these in my writing class in the context of working on paragraphs that use time order. They are available in two formats. One is for students who would like to view them on their mobile devices and the other is for students who would like to view them on computer monitors.

Cards for iPods or Mobile Devices with Photo Browsing Capability

I put this message on my Blackboard site: If you have an iPod or a mobile phone that allows you to browse photos, you can put these flashcards on your mobile device. Simply save this zipped folder. Then put the cards on your iPod or mobile phone the same way that you put photos on these devices. Then, you can review these prepositions anywhere that you go!

Flashcards for Mobile Devices

Cards on Slideshare

I put this message on my Blackboard site: If you don’t have an iPod or a mobile phone that allows you to browse photos, you can view the same flashcards as above at this internet site. Just click on this link to see the cards.




Today during the break in my writing class, one of my students asked me to remind her how to put the flashcards  on her iPod. That made me very happy!


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sunshinigSome words in English have a larger meaning than others. The easiest words to learn are the words with the smallest meanings. As meanings get larger, the process of grasping that meaning sometimes becomes more difficult. That is one reason that articles (a, an and the) in English and prepositions are a bit challenging for some English language learners. One way to help students acquire the meanings of prepositions is to break them down into smaller categories like prepositions of location or prepositions of time. These two types of prepositions are good starting points and lots of exposure to them should help students begin to understand their large meanings.

Flashcards are one way to increase the exposure students have to prepositions. I’ve made some flashcards that cover prepositions of location that students can either put on their mobile devices or review using Slideshare. If students have  iPods or cell phones that have photo browsing capability, they can save the cards through the zip file and then put them on their mobile devices in the same way that they put photos on their devices. Alternatively, students can view the flashcards on Slideshare by linking to the address below.

I’d just like to add one more thing about making flashcards for mobile devices. I made these using PowerPoint. I like using PowerPoint because the font is clear and I can easily add some photos to the cards. PowerPoint also allows me to put the “presentation” on Slideshare. To make the cards for mobile devices, I simply save the PowerPoint presentation as jppgs. They end up in a folder. I then zipped that folder, put it on my website and now I have a link that I can give my students and you!  The links are below.

Cards for mobile devices:


 Link to the presentation on Slideshare:


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copy-of-mombradquiltPreviously, I wrote a post on how to make flash cards for iPods and mobile phones that have photo browsing capability. Since then I have continued experimenting with this and have added another set of cards to my and my students’ stash. (I took the term “stash” from my mother. She and other quilters use it to refer to the myriad of different types of fabrics that they keep in drawers and cupboards. From my perspective, a quilter’s stash is a treasure and the bigger the stash, the better. I think this might apply to mobile flash cards as well!)

I made the latest set using PowerPoint. These cards involve a simple review of the irregular past tense. The first card is the base form of the verb and the second card is the irregular past tense form. I think I prefer this way of making portable flashcards to using MS Paint (the method I used my first time around) because with PowerPoint, I can also put the cards on Slideshare where students who do not have  iPods or mobile phones with photo browsing capability can  access them. The cards are simple, but if you would like to use them with your students, please feel free. You can down load the cards for mobile devices that review irregular past tense verbs or view them at Slideshare (Flash Cards for Irregular Past Tense Verbs at Slideshare).

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